Maya Bingaman

  • Hometown: Lancaster, PA

    Year: Sophomore

    Major/Minor: International Affairs

    Extracurricular Activities/Leadership Positions : Resident Advisor, Vice-President of Habitat for Humanity, member of Model United Nations, Communications and Marketing Office Assistant and member of the Women’s Tennis team.

    Interests/Fun Facts: Hiking, spending time with friends and photography.

    Favorite social media platform: Instagram is definitely my favorite social media platform to use because I love looking at photos and sharing my own.

    Best thing about being a member of the Social Squad: The best part of being on the Pitt-Bradford Social Squad is connecting with people directly by interviewing them and indirectly through any blog posts that I create.

    Reason(s) you love Pitt-Bradford: What I love most about being a student at Pitt-Bradford is experiencing diversity and meeting people from totally different walks of life.