Jillian Wright

  • “If you have good time management, you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

  • Jillian Wright, a biology major from El Paso, Texas.

    Jillian describes herself as a “military kid” because her family moved around a lot. When it was time to choose a college, she wanted to be affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh, so she chose Pitt-Bradford.

    “As a military kid, I adapt wherever I go. I didn’t look ahead or spend too much time checking it out, but I love it here.”

    Why? She says Pitt-Bradford’s small size makes it easy for her to reach out to her professors. When Jillian decided she wanted to conduct research, she went to see one of the new biology professors.

    “I just went to her office and was like, ‘Hey, you’ve never met me before, but I want to do a research project,’ and she was like, ‘Come on in,’ and we started it.”

    With guidance from that professor, Jillian designed her own research project, examining the antibacterial properties of honey.

    “I like lots of natural methods of healing and as a biology major, I wanted to look into how honey is an antibacterial and used in medicine.”

    Jillian’s research is only one piece of her Pitt-Bradford experience. Since she’s used to moving around, she does a lot of that on campus and off.

    She’s a top swimmer on the women’s team. She’s a certified Emergency Medical Technician and hopes to start an EMT Club on campus. She’s also a resident advisor and spends whatever free time she has left kayaking and road biking with a group in town.