Student and Alumni Testimonials

  • Here's what some of our students and alumni in the region are saying about Pitt-Bradford:

    It's all here

    "Honestly, Pitt-Bradford wasn't my first choice, but now it's my only choice." -- Nathan Lawyer of Coraopolis, Pa., a history/political science major 

    "This campus is very inviting, and I feel that I belong. I will never regret staying here. I will be proud to be a Pitt-Bradford alumna." -- Kelsey Gordon of Newtown, Pa., a human relations major

    "I'm glad I picked Pitt-Bradford because not only have I flourished as a student, but I also feel well prepared for the next challenge in my life." -- Mike Moran of White Haven, Pa., a history/political science major 

    "I was able to make amazing friendships and collegiate connections. My experiences and education from this institution will stay with me throughout my life." -- Jonathan Josephs-Spaulding of Henryville, Pa., a double major in biology and environmental studies 

    Professors who go out of their way

    "I've learned so much from the incredible, dedicated professors, not just how to succeed in the job market but in life overall." -- Delaney Held of Erie, Pa., a public relations major

    "The attention you get from your professors is unparalleled." -- Stephen Clad of Washington, D.C., a sport and recreation management major

    "What I like best about Pitt-Bradford is the small atmosphere and the ability to get to know my professors." -- Anthony Graves of Bradford, a criminal justice major   

    Small classes

    "Pitt-Bradford is absolutely perfect for what I'm studying. I love the class sizes, the professors, and all the amazing people I've met here." -- Bethany Ann Keir of Export, Pa., a double major in biology and environmental studies

    "I've experienced more than I thought I would on a small campus, and I've met a lot of great people while also receiving a great education in a small-campus atmosphere." -- Dahmir Noel of Philadelphia, a sport and recreation management major  

    "The size of the classes allows me to be more engaged so that I have a better student-teacher relationship." -- Brandon Garske of North East, Pa., a biology major

    Endless Opportunities

    "A campus the size of Pitt-Bradford is paramount to gaining a hands-on education. My career accomplishments are leagues ahead from what they would have been if I had transferred elsewhere." -- Jonathan Heck of Pittsburgh, an environmental studies major  

    Warm and welcoming

    "I like how welcome the campus community makes me feel every time I step onto campus." -- Tiara Brown, a 2013 graduate with majors in business management and sport and recreation management

    "I like that sense of community." -- Kayla Branch, a 2013 graduate with a degree in human relations

    "Everyone gets along. Everyone talks to everyone. That definitely makes it easier when you're trying to meet new people, and it makes you more comfortable to be here." -- Quelli McCall of Waterford, a 2013 graduate with a degree in business management