Antonell Robinson

  • Antonell Robinson
  • “You get to know everyone and build relationships with professors and staff.”

  • Antonell Robinson, psychology major from Philadelphia

    Antonell didn’t spend her summer lying by the pool or binge watching her favorite show. Instead, she traveled nearly 4,000 miles from her home to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she took two psychology courses: Psychology of Human Sexuality and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

    She learned some important lessons in those courses.

    “We should stop trying to blend because we are all meant to stand out. We should never try and fit inside the box because we are so amazing that there is no box that we could ever fit in.”

    Antonell also visited several locations where she met members of various communities. She went to Slottet, which is the world’s first LGBT nursing home. She visited Muhabet, a café and activity center for refugees who have been traumatized by war or torture, and Trampoline House, a center where refugees and those seeking asylum receive support.  

    They were perfect opportunities for her because she enjoys learning why people behave the way they do. It’s part of the reason why she loves her major.

    She loves Pitt-Bradford as well.

    “I like the community feel. I love that Pitt-Bradford feels like home.”