Cody Dacosta

  • Cody Dacosta
  • “The professors are so supportive.”

  • Cody Dacosta, a computer information systems and technology major from Washington, D.C.

    Cody spent his summer thinking about emergencies: how to prepare for them, how to lessen their effects, and how to respond to them effectively.

    That kind of thinking makes perfect sense since he spent his summer as an intern at the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency in Washington, D.C.

    “This sector of Homeland Security deals with emergency response, and I can see how the agency deals with emergencies and how they send the correct units out to help with the issues.”

    So, now Cody’s thinking ahead.

    “I can think about mitigation to stop a situation from happening and also the proper procedure to take when an emergency may happen, to know what to think and how to prepare for an emergency, then I can pass this knowledge onto other people.”

    Cody was an intern in the agency’s IT bureau, where he was responsible for network management, software development and database administration. He also provided technical support.

    He’s grateful that much of what he did on his internship he had already learned in his classes.

    “My professors teach the coursework that I can use in the field, like here at my internship. Many of the things they taught me I used here at Homeland this summer.”