Donovan Brown

  • “Without her encouragement, I might have missed the opportunity. I love the experiences I’ve had at Pitt-Bradford.”

  • Donovan Brown, a double major in history/political science and social studies education from North East, PA.

    When Donovan returned to Pitt-Bradford in the fall, he wasn’t the same man he had been the previous semester. He was mature. More confident.

    Donovan was a small-town guy, having grown up in North East, Pa., a town of 4,600 people in the northwestern corner of the state. He had never traveled outside the United States and had never given any thought to do it.

    One day his advisor, Dr. Helma de Vries-Jordan, mentioned the idea of studying abroad and encouraged him to travel. She also helped to make the process more manageable and less intimidating.

    With her help, Donovan took her advice, in a big way. Donovan didn’t just travel to one country to study like most of his classmates. Instead, he went to five: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Cypress, Germany and France.

    For eight weeks over the summer, he learned about the European Union in Germany and studied human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He learned about Balkan history and culture. He discussed politics with political officials and activists in each of the countries.

    Now Donovan is making plans to travel more.