Hayley Madl

  • Hayley Madl
  • “What I enjoy most about Pitt-Bradford is the opportunity to develop close relationships with your professors.”

  • Hayley Madl, a history/political science major from Beaver, PA

    Hayley enjoys discovering the truth and telling a story on her road to discovery. It’s what she loves most about being a history/political science major. 

    “That’s all history is after all, the best stories. Studying these stories as they’ve been told through the year and even discovering new aspects that could change the plotline, which allows me to make informed connections to the present day and see where we’ve come from as a global society.”

    Yes, you guessed it. Hayley is a proud history nerd. To feed her inner nerd, she spent her summer as a research intern at the Fort Pitt Museum in Pittsburgh, which highlights world-shaping events that occurred in Western Pennsylvania. 

    During her internship, she conducted primary source research for an upcoming exhibit titled “Pittsburgh, Virginia,” which will focus primarily on the period between the end of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution during Lord Dunmore’s War and Virginia’s claim to Western Pennsylvania.

    “Throughout this internship, I learned extensively not only about the content of the research but the process of museum-worthy research and the execution of information required for exhibits intended for the public.”