Joel Austin

  • Joel Austin
  • “I really felt prepared, and I could contribute a lot.”

  • Joel Austin, a computer information systems and technology major from Sewickley, PA

    Joel has proven he doesn’t have to be in the same room or the same building or even the same city as the people he’s working with to have a successful internship. Joel is continuing the internship he started last summer at IPC Systems Inc., a software development company in New York City, by working remotely from his residence hall hundreds of miles away.

    The internship is not just challenging in the technical area he wants to pursue, but also in understanding the inner workings of Wall Street. IPC Systems works in the complex world of investment banking, where thousands of transactions are happening every second.

    “I really felt prepared, and I could contribute a lot,” Joel said, noting that a project management class he took with Don Lewicki, associate professor of business management, gave him a leg up on some of the computer science interns who had a hard time understanding and conversing with the business people.

    Joel had an already impressive resume for IPC - one that included two second-place finishes in the University of Pittsburgh's annual university-wide Mobile App Challenge. He plans to enter the challenge again and submit an app that will tell diners what the most popular item is on a restaurant’s menu.