Kacie Appleby

  • Kacie Appleby
  • “My favorite part about being a criminal justice major at Pitt-Bradford is the CSI House.”

  • Kacie Appleby, a criminal justice major from Port Allegany, PA

    Kacie studied the criminal justice system in Ireland, visiting active and non-active prisons, Dublin’s Criminal Courts of Justice, police stations and rehabilitation centers.

    She and several classmates, as well as her professor, Dr. Pat Brougham, also visited some of the most well-known cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast as well as some of the popular tour sites, including the Blarney Castle and the Guinness factory.

    “Throughout the trip, I was able to learn the differences and similarities between both our criminal justice system and Ireland’s.”

    The trip enhanced her knowledge of criminal justice, as has the Crime Scene Investigation House on campus, which is her favorite part about being a criminal justice major.

    “The CSI House allows us to get hands-on experiences before we graduate and enter the field. Scenarios and crime scenes will be set up in the house, and we students have to put the skills we learned to use.”