Mail Center

  • Mail Center
  • Phone: 814-362-7530



    Academic Year (Mid-August – April)
    M-F: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

    Summer (May – Mid-August)
    M-F: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm

    The Mail Center is where students, faculty and staff send and receive letters and packages. Located on the first floor of the Frame-Westerberg Commons the Mail Center has stamps, stamped envelopes, money orders and padded envelopes for sale. Lamination and FAX services are also available. We also send USPS and UPS packages.

    • When do packages arrive on campus?
    • Who gets to have a mail box on campus?
    • How do I find my mail box number and/or combination?
    • What kinds of mail box locks do you have?
    • What address do I use to receive mail/packages?
    • I have trouble opening my mailbox. Can someone help me?
    • I have a package to return. Will you tape it for me?
    • What happens to letters/packages that arrive when we graduate/leave for summer?
    • Can a friend pick up a package for me?
    • Do you do fingerprinting in the mail center?
    • What hours do you do fingerprinting?
    • What types of payments can you use for fingerprinting?
    • How much do fingerprints cost?

    USPS delivers in the morning around 9am and UPS/FedEx deliver around noon Monday through Friday. When a carrier brings us packages we must enter them in our system. As they get checked-in students are notified they have a package via email.

    Only current residential students at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford are able to have a mail box on campus.

    Box numbers and combination numbers can be found online in your housing portal. See this video for self-access instructions. We can also provide this information at the mail center.

    Box numbers 1-888 and 899-922 use a combination lock. Box numbers 889-898 and 923-1098 use a key lock. Keys can be picked up at the mail center. If a key is lost there is a $25 replacement fee.

    When setting up your address for mail and packages please use the following format.

    Jane Smith
    300 Campus Drive
    Box 123
    Bradford, PA 16701

    If you write “PO Box” instead of “Box” your package may stay downtown at the Bradford Post Office. To prevent this from happening just write “Box”.

    We can help you open your box by showing you your combination number and how to open it in person. If you cannot reach your box or it has a mechanical issue we can help. Please do not come to the window and ask us to grab your letter mail from inside the mail center and hand it to you over the counter. “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they eat for life.

    If you have a pre-paid label we cannot tape the box or affix the label onto the box for you. These must be done on your own. Tape can be purchased across the hall in The Panther Shop or another retailer. If you are paying to ship a package at the mail center we will tape it for you.

    Depending on the courier we will try to forward packages and first-class letters to your home address within 30 days. After 30 days they will be returned to sender. Please update your address accordingly to prevent delays.

    If you would like a friend to pick up a package for you please email us their name and tell us that you give them permission to pick it up for you.

    The mail center handles IdentoGo fingerprinting and photo services. Applicants must pre-enroll online at the IdentoGo website before we can start fingerprinting. You will also need a service code when pre-enrolling online which should be provided from your employer/organization asking you to get fingerprinted.

    Academic year (Mid-August -April) 9am - 12pm and 1pm-4pm Monday through Friday. Summer hours (May - Mid-August) are 9am - 1pm Monday through Friday. We are closed most major holidays and any day the University is closed.

    Some organizations pre-pay using coupons during pre-enrollment online but most applicants pay during fingerprinting. Credit cards, debit cards, money order and business checks are viable methods of payments. Cash is not accepted. If using a card with someone else's name that person must also be present during payment.

    It depends on your service code. Most are around $21-$25 but some are up to $50.