Meagan Welsh

  • Meagan Welsh
  • “I love the highly personal atmosphere both in the classroom and the campus community.”

  • Meagan Welsh, an exercise science major from Lockport, N.Y.

    For Meagan, the best part about the exercise science major is being able to apply everything she’s learning to the real world.

    “I appreciate that everything we learn can be directly related to our everyday lives.”

    She took that idea a step further as an intern at SMART Rehabilitation Services at Bradford Regional Medical Center, which provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. During her internship, Meagan learned many of the skills she’ll need when she graduates with her bachelor’s degree in exercise science. 

    Meagan learned how to interact properly with patients and provide minor care for them as well as the in-depth job requirements of physical and occupational therapy assistants.  She also helped to maintain exam rooms, treatment beds and gym floor, which included sanitizing, restocking supplies and repairing equipment.

    “This makes it easy to make the connection between the classroom and the real world.”