Miles Davis

  • Miles Davis
  • “Having the Pride Alliance around as well as classes such as LGBTQ Politics and other similar courses have also made it better.”

  • Miles Davis, double major in history/political science and international affairs, from Washington, DC

    As an African-American transgender man, Miles wasn’t sure he would be able to find a campus that accepted him for who he is. He had struggled earlier in his life when he started his transition. Now, as an open transgender man, he didn’t want to struggle anymore. He wanted to find a campus where he felt comfortable. 

    When he was searching for a college, he contacted Pitt-Bradford and was immediately directed to the president of the Pride Alliance, a group on campus that helps raise awareness of the issues facing members of the LGBTQ community. The alliance’s president assured Miles he had nothing to worry about.

    Miles learned first-hand that the group’s president was right.

    “I have absolutely felt comfortable at Pitt-Bradford. Being black and being transgender is a difficult thing, but it could have been more difficult. The people at Pitt-Bradford have made it a lot easier by being open-minded. It just makes the environment more accepting.