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  • The mission of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Prison Education Program (UPBPEP) is to provide post-secondary educational opportunities, which includes college courses, to incarcerated students at Bureau of Prisons (BOP) FCI McKean; to support FCI McKean in creating educational initiatives that improve the intellectual development of incarcerated people, and the quality of life of incarcerated people transitioning back to their communities; and to inspire a holistic culture of social justice, community building, and redemptive awakening, that it sustained through the connective tenets of truth, dignity, respect, and humility.  


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    Prison Facts at a Glance

    • Approximately 2.2 million people are currently incarcerated in the United States.
    • Nearly 700,000 people transition back to into their communities from a period of prison incarceration each year.
    • Within 3-5 years of release, nearly three-quarters (72.2 percent) of formerly incarcerated people are rearrested.
    • Incarcerated students have a 43 percent lower chance of being rearrested.
    • The average annual cost of incarceration for a State of Pennsylvania offender: $42,339 ($115.99 per day).
    • The average annual cost of incarceration for a BOP Federal offender: $29,291.25 ($80.25 per day).
    • The average annual cost of educating a University of Pittsburgh-Bradford student: $22,264 ($60.99 per day).

    Get Involved

    If you would like to teach a college course, provide a seminar, or volunteer in any manner that supports the UPBPEP mission, please contact the founding director, Tony Gaskew, PhD