Zack Ewings

  • Zack Ewings
  • “I like that my major fits my personality.”

  • Zack Ewings, sport and recreation management major from Olean, NY

    Zack considers himself a “sporty, active person.” So, when he had the opportunity to work as a summer intern at a golf course, he jumped at the chance.

    He served as the social media intern for Pine Acres Country Club in Bradford, PA, where he was responsible for photographing club events then posting them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. He shared several events on social media, including the PGA junior tournament, charity golf tournaments, golf scrambles, improvements to the course and concerts. 

    Zack had a lot of fun, but he also got real-world experience, which he knows is important to have when he graduates and is looking for a job.

    He’s not sure what his dream job will be, but he does know two things: That dream job will involve sports, maybe as a coach or scout, and his internship will help him get it.