Program Designation: Minor

Program Contact: Ernest Kallenbach

Academic Division: Management and Education

Program Description:

The goal of our accounting program is to prepare you to be on the decision-making team, not just account for the decisions.

With a minor in accounting, you are going to graduate with a liberal arts background and a degree in another discipline. That way, you will have critical-thinking and analytical skills. You'll be able to effectively communicate. And, you'll have a knowledge of the environment, which will be affected by the decisions.

Our graduates are working with businesses to develop strategies. They're working with investors to analyze mergers and acquisitions. And, they're working with boards of directors and all types of organizations to measure and communicate financial results.

Several of our recent graduates have gone into public accounting. However, others have also embarked on careers in managerial accounting and government accounting. A number of graduates have entered corporations as accountants and have moved into other areas such as management and marketing.