Allegheny Institute of Natural History

  • The Allegheny Institute of Natural History at the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford dedicates itself to the study of the natural history of living organisms including plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and protists.  Natural history involves an understanding of the anatomy, physiology, behavior, reproductive cycle, habitat, evolutionary history , demography, and ecological status of an organism.  Natural history is an interdisciplinary study melding biology, chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, computer science, and meteorology.  In our modern global society, an understanding of natural history is essential in making informed, knowledgeable environmental decisions.

    In conjunction with the Environmental Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, the Allegheny Institute of Natural History helps support education courses and seminars during the year related to natural history and environmental studies.  The Allegheny Institute of Natural History also assists in the administration of scholarships for students doing summer research with an environmental or natural history focus.