Canceled Classes

  • Pitt-Bradford's general severe weather policy is to remain open, except in extreme circumstances. We encourage you to use your own discretion in deciding whether you can safely commute to class. If you can't safely get to campus, please contact your professors, who will be as accommodating as reasonable.

    If the university does close campus, we will let you know using the methods outlined in our Severe Weather Policy.

    There may be other times during the semester that one of your classes may need to be canceled.  Here's what we'll do to keep you notified:

    • When possible your professor who canceled the class will email students informing you of the cancelation.
    • If the faculty member cannot email students the division secretary will email you.
    • Each division secretary will also post a notice on the classroom door to inform students of cancelations. 

    Please bear in mind that sometimes emergencies or unforeseen circumstances may prevent timely notification --- but all possible efforts will be made to ensure that you are informed in a timely manner. 

    Some things you can do to make sure you know when a class has been canceled: