Youth Programs

We go beyond the traditional university curriculum by sharing our resources and programs with the local community and its young people. We have programs and centers that help to build rich communities and strengthen the education base of our youth.

Our community outreach services help you to pursue a personal interest or expand your career opportunities by enrolling in some of our noncredit classes.

And we're not just talking about enrolling your child in lectures. We mean giving them an experience by letting them "learn by doing" in their own classroom. We help them explore new opportunities and discover their talents.

The Center for Rural Health Practice identifies rural health issues and uses the vast resources of the University of Pittsburgh to address those issues and make recommendations to improve of rural health systems.

Our camps allow young people and area residents to enjoy our campus while learning or improving their skills and hobbies. The line up ranges from academic to athletic and just about everything in between.

If by chance you don't see what you're looking for or if you're interested in scheduling a camp or event for your own special-interest group you can get in touch with conference services; our staff there will be happy to help you.