Covid-19 Updates

Mask Guidance

The University’s requirements for face coverings will at a minimum be consistent with CDC guidance and masks are required indoors (campus buildings) on campuses in which the CDC's COVID-19 Hospital Admission Levels (previously Community Levels) are High. Masks are optional indoors for campuses in which county levels are Medium or Low. Be aware of your Hospital Admission Level as it changes each Thursday. 

Vaccination Requirement

All University of Pittsburgh students, faculty and staff on all campuses must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have received an approved exemption to remain a community member.

How does the new vaccine requirement affect you? Use this decision tree to find out.

Proof of Vaccination

Faculty, staff and students can Upload an image of your vaccine card. Remember to upload a new copy of your card after you receive a booster, previous vaccine card images are stored in the system but will not appear. Please have an image ready on your smartphone or as a scanned file. 

Understanding which members of our community have gotten boosters will allow us to reach out proactively to those members who are eligible but have not yet gotten boosted.  

If you have not been boosted, most local pharmacies offer appointments: 
Walmart pharmacy, 50 Foster Brook Blvd. 814-368-4700 Schedule an appointment at Walmart
CVS pharmacy, 10 Davis St. 814-362-4559 Schedule an appointment at CVS


Faculty, staff, and students can request an exemption from this vaccine requirement. Exemption requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OEDI) and can only be requested for medical reasons, or reasons based on sincerely held religious belief or because of a strong moral or ethical conviction. Faculty, staff, and students who are granted an exemption will be subject to additional mitigation measures, such as routine COVID-19 testing.

Medical exemptions require a doctor’s signature. Religious and moral exemptions require a notarized attestation. Download and print one of the following forms: 

Medical Attestation Form
Moral Attestation Form
Religious Attestation Form

A photo or scan of the signed or notarized form must be uploaded to the Exemption Request Form online.

Submit an Exemption Request