Past Projects

  • Past program efforts include a study of home health care agencies to identify challenges faced by rural providers and a study to assess the feasibility of using hospital information systems to collect and analyze population data for the purposes of public health planning and programming.

    Past projects include:

    • Pre-Doctoral Clerkship Program
    • Pennsylvania Public Health Training Center (PA-PHTC)
    • Northwest Pennsylvania Adolescent Alcohol Research Cooperative (NPAARC)
      Funder: Department of Health and Human Services / Health Resources and Services Administration  
    • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention
    • Community Health Partnership (CHP)
      Collaboration between CRHP and members of community organizations and businesses to develop programs to address health issues within the community.
    • Community Health Partnership (CHP )
    • Get Active 
    • WalkWorks Pilot
    • Farmers' Market
    • Women's Health Kiosk  
    • Bradford HealthWorks Project  
    • Community Health Assessment (Warren County)
    • Community Health Assessment (Mckean County)
    • Home Health Reimbursement Study
    • Oral Health Research Study
    • Rural Health Database Project
    • Rural Public Health financing study
         Rural Public Health Preparedness
      • Rural Public Health Research Agenda
      • Workforce Development:

            Dr. Lorraine Ettaro led the Center's Health Workforce Study. The purpose of the workforce project was to:

        • assess the impact of health professions shortages on rural communities,
        • identify specific health professional shortages, and to recommend alternative training programs aimed at filling identified service gaps.

        Once the primary care and public health professional shortages are identified in rural Pennsylvania, model training programs can be established to both train new workers and offer continuing education to existing workers in an effort to improve access to needed services and overall community safety.

        It was anticipated that the workforce project would serve as a model for identifying and filling gaps in rural healthcare and the public health workforce. In addition to improving access to needed health professionals for the improvement of rural health status, such efforts would enhance the ability of rural communities to respond to public health threats and emergencies by increasing the numbers of rural professionals trained to serve in these capacities.

        This study included rural providers, stakeholders and academic institutions across Pennsylvania. The project involved a detailed analysis of real and perceived health professions shortages in rural counties in Pennsylvania and an assessment of public health capacities
      • Confronting Violence, Improving Women’s Lives
      • College Health Center-based Alcohol and Sexual Violence Intervention-  A Randomized Study
      • Advancing the Practice of Nursing to Address Rural Healthcare Needs Pilot Study
      • National Network of Libraries of Medicine – Middle Atlantic Region
        The CRHP collaborates with the NNLM-MAR to promote the use and access to reliable health information by health professionals.
      • Regional Health Care Network
        Leaders from local-regional health care institutions who meet to network, identify, review and share educational resources and training opportunities, and discuss timely issues and topics of importance for health care in our rural region.