Energy Institute

  • Students and solar panel

  • Our purpose in establishing the Energy Institute is to:

    • Educate undergraduate students and train the workforce needed by the energy industry of the region around Bradford
    • Support that industry in developing, establishing and improving operating processes
    • Stimulate thinking throughout the region about renewable energy.

    Our Vision:

    The American Refining Group/Harry R. Halloran Jr. Energy Institute will become a primary source in the region for new knowledge that stimulates strategic thinking and the development of sources of renewable energy in order to enhance undergraduate student learning, advance commercial projects, and accelerate the regional economy.  

    Concurrently, it will assist the region by addressing the current boom cycle of the oil and gas extraction industry and the related workforce needs by providing academic programming and employer-driven continuing education programs.  By pursuing promising segues to sources of renewable energy through faculty research, involvement in the commercial projects of industry partners, and collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Energy, the Pitt-Bradford Energy Institute will be a dynamic advocate for original thinking and vigorous discourse on energy issues and sustainability.