Academic Initiatives

  • Academic Initiatives
  • Our campaign will support four specific academic initiatives: 

    • Arts Endowment -- $600,000 
    • American Refining Group/Harry R. Halloran Jr. Energy Institute -- $1.25 million 
    • Hospitality Management Test Kitchen -- $500,000 
    • Broadcast Communications HD Equipment -- $250,000 

    Arts Endowment

    We provide a wide range of arts programming for members of our campus community and audiences throughout the region and beyond. Blaisdell Hall is home to the KOA Art Gallery and the 500-seat Bromeley Family Theater  where arts lovers can listen to lectures, see plays and enjoy concerts. We offer three series of arts programs on campus: Prism, our premier touring artist series; Spectrum, which focuses on academic and curriculum-based events; and Kaleidoscope, our matinee series for children in grade K-12. Supporting this endowment will enable us to secure the finest art and arts equipment accessible to our audiences. 

    American Refining Group/Harry R. Halloran Jr. Energy Institute

    Funds raised for the energy institute will enable us to retro fit an existing university facility to house labs, create and enhance industrial/commercial partnerships; and provide workforce training in several energy-related fields, including petroleum/fossil fuels, biofuels and renewable energies. 

    Hospitality Management Test Kitchen

    We want to be able to provide the best educational experience for our hospitality management students, and that includes adding an instructional test kitchen to give them more experience in food service. Having a training kitchen will not only provide important instruction for our students but will also ensure the university’s competitiveness with other institutions offering hospitality management programs. 

    Broadcast Communications HD Equipment 

    High-definition broadcasting is now the industry standard. Unfortunately, our equipment is only standard definition. Campaign funds will be used to purchase an HDTV studio system to secure the program’s relevance and future viability. 

    “As more students at Pitt-Bradford express an interest in energy, the American Refining Group/Harry R. Halloran Jr. Energy Institute needs to provide the facilities to transform their interests into passion and prepare them for fulfilling careers in both the traditional and emerging regional energy industries.” – Matt Kropf, energy institute director