Greek Life

    • Pitt-Bradford is home to three fraternities & three sororities, dating back to 1985.
    • Members of fraternities & sororities strive to uphold their founding values of Scholarship, Leadership, Service & Brotherhood/Sisterhood in their everyday lives.
    • Many students consider participating in one of these groups an important part of their collegiate experience.
    • 8% of our students are members of fraternities & sororities
    • Greeks achieve higher GPAs, higher retention rates & higher graduation rates than the campus.
    • Greeks annually produce 1,000 hours of service & raise $1,000 for charity.
    • Fraternities & sororities recruit both Fall & Spring semester. Students must have at least 12 Pitt credit hours & a 2.50 cumulative GPA to join .      


    What's New in Greek Life?    

    • Latest data shows 85% of Pitt Bradford Greeks graduate!
    • We welcome our Fall 2018 new members who have a combined GPA of 3.03!
    • Congratulations Phi Kappa Epsilon fraternity for having the highest GPA for Spring 2018 (they'll received $100 off their Greek Council dues)
    • Congratulations Theta Sigma Delta sorority for having the most-improved GPA for Spring 2018 (they'll receive $100 off their Greek Council dues)
    • Check out the Spring 2018 Greek Report Card which shows how well groups adhere to their founding values of Scholarship, Service, Leadership & Brotherhood/Sisterhood
    • New Member Orientation is Oct. 22 - Nov. 3 (10 days)
    • Congratulations to our Annual Greek Awards recipients!
    • Greek Council meets Fridays, 4-4:30, 108 Swarts
    • Greek Council meeting minutes can be found on the Pitt Bradford Greek Facebook 
    • If ever you need to report anything anonymously, please call 803-566-9051

    Fall 2018 Chapter Improvement Plans

    Greek Council Goals 2018-2019 

    1. Create more visibility for the Greek community
    2. Have more recruitment events
    3. Have more All-Greek events
    4. Have more events where we include the campus
    5. Greeks to be more involved in campus events

    Greek Resources  

    Greek Facts

    • 48% of all U.S. Presidents are Greek
    • 42% of U.S. Senators are Greek
    • 30% of U.S. Congressmen/women are Greek
    • 40% of all U.S. Supreme Court Justices are Greek
    • 30% of Fortune 500 Executives are Greek
    • 10% of all listed in Who's Who are Greek
    • 750,000 undergraduate Greeks currently nationwide
    • 9,000,000 total Greek alumni

    Famous Greeks 

    • Dr. Martin Luther King, Alpha Phi Alpha
    • Steven Spielberg, Theta Chi
    • Ashton Kutcher, Delta Chi
    • Rosa Parks, Alpha Kappa Alpha
    • Nick Lachey, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    • Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Alpha Chi Omega
    • John Wayne, Sigma Chi
    • Dr. Seuss, Sigma Phi Epsilon

    Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Brotherhood/Sisterhood