Faculty, Staff & Workplace

Newly updated state regulations regarding COVID-19 mitigation plans have allowed us to reopen the Richard E. and Ruth McDowell Sport and Fitness Center for faculty and staff use only.
Beginning Thursday, Jan. 7, the Ken Jadlowiec Fitness Center and KOA Arena will be open for use Mon. - Fri. between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Additionally, the Paul C. Duke Aquatic Center will be open for use Mon. -  Fri. between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Further changes to the schedule will be announced as necessary.


Building Hours December 14th through January 19th, 2021

  • January 4th - 8th                 8:30am - 5:00pm     Faculty and staff swipe their ID cards
  • January 11th - 15th             8:30am - 5:00pm     Faculty and staff swipe their ID cards
  • Monday, January 18th                                           Closed for Martin Luther King Day

We are grateful to our faculty and staff for their tremendous dedication and patience throughout these difficult and uncertain times. From engaging and supporting our students remotely to keeping our buildings safe and clean, the people of Pitt-Bradford have continued to provide students with an excellent and inclusive Pitt-Bradford experience while helping to keep our campus community healthy and safe.

Doing the Work 

Whenever possible, faculty and staff should continue working remotely for the duration of the pandemic. This allows us to bring back our students, while reducing our total population on campus. When faculty and staff must be on campus to teach classes, support our educational mission, our students and our operations, precautionary measures like staggered shifts will be taken, along with ongoing health and safety measures.

Building Safety Concierge Program

We need your help supporting the safety of the Pitt community. The Building Safety Concierge Program is a network powered by employee and student volunteers to provide additional safety assistance at the entrances of Swarts Hall, Blaisdell Hall, Frame-Westerberg Commons, Fisher Hall and Hanley Library.
Those who volunteer to serve as Building Safety Concierge providers will be stationed at building entrances to support three duties:  

  • Serve as a positive safety resource, reminding Pitt affiliates about the need to wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing, as well as providing face coverings, safety literature and guidance on where entrants can locate hand sanitizing stations and have health questions answered.  
  • Convey building use requirements, provide guidance about entry procedures including the need to swipe/tap Pitt ID cards to enter and remind members of the public that buildings are only open to Pitt affiliates at this time.  
  • Report incidents of safety non-compliance, entry congestion or other issues related to building access to respective university departments.  

We need your help in building our network of Building Safety Concierge providers, and in making this important safety initiative a success. 

We are using Microsoft Shifts for scheduling and this is part of Microsoft Teams. You can schedule your hours within Teams by clicking on the ellipsis (…) and then Shifts. Please reach out to CTM if you do not have Teams or need assistance scheduling your hours. 


We know many of you may have a need to request accommodations. If your work requires you to be on campus, but you are at higher risk for COVID-19 complications, live with someone who is, have transportation concerns or are facing child care challenges, we will work with you to find solutions. Supervisors, deans and department chairs will receive detailed guidance and resources for navigating these situations. 

Feeling Prepared

Any faculty or staff member who needs to come back to campus will be required to take a mandatory training to help familiarize them with the expected health and safety protocols

Employees can access the mandatory training on the Office of Human Resources website. In addition to completing the training, all employees must agree to the Pitt-Bradford campus community compact.

Supervisors, department chairs, associate deans, vice presidents, deans and regional campus presidents can access the separate mandatory training on the Office of Human Partners SharePoint, which requires a University log in. If you believe that you need access to this training, please contact the OHR Partner(s) in your area or your RC administrator.

We’ve also worked with our departments across campus to provide resources for adjusting to remote work, staying active at home and staying connected to Pitt. And of course, we’re continuing to provide updates on teaching and learning as those decisions and plans are made.

Daily COVID-19 Health Checks

To help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, all faculty, staff and visitors stepping on to any University of Pittsburgh campus this fall must complete a Daily COVID-19 Health Check.

Those with Pitt credentials can do so by logging in through the My Pitt portal. Look for the gold and blue thermometer icon on the My Pitt homepage or check at the top of the page in the Pitt Mobile app to complete the brief daily check. Visitors, guests and members of the public can complete the health check online.

It’s easy to do and takes less than 30 seconds: Just answer two yes/no questions about whether you feel any symptoms and if you’ve had any known exposure to COVID-19. These self-attestations only need to be completed once a day, if you’re coming to campus and before entering any campus building.

Requesting Building Access

Faculty and staff who will be entering any buildings on campus will be required to request access by completing the building access request form. Access requests will be routed to the designated departmental approver who will approve/deny the request. 

Prior to entering a building, faculty and staff members should swipe their Pitt ID card in the card reader located at each building entrance. This is an extra safety measure put in place to help protect our campus community during the pandemic.

Mild symptoms of COVID-19 

If you are experiencing mild symptoms of COVID-19, call MyHealth@Work at 412-647-4949 for a telehealth call. The health consultation is free if you call between 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you call outside of that timeframe, there will be a co-pay. This service is available regardless of your insurance plan. 

If it is determined that you should be tested for COVID-19, Nicole Stark, our director of student health services, will call you to arrange a testing time at Bradford Regional Medical Center. 

Additionally, depending on your individual circumstances, contact tracing may be performed, either by Pitt-Bradford’s team or the team in Pittsburgh. 

You will be notified of your test results by a representative from MyHealth@Work, who also will talk to you about when you can safely return to work. 


If it is an emergency, go to your local emergency room. 

Asymptomatic with a possible exposure 

At this time, there isn’t adequate capacity to test people who are asymptomatic or who may have been exposed to COVID-19. 
However, if you think you’ve been exposed, please do not come to campus and quarantine. Contact Student Health Services at 814-362-5272 and your primary care physician for guidance. If you develop symptoms while in quarantine, contact MyHealth@Work 412-647-4949

Guidelines for Responding to Symptomatic Individuals

The following is a general response to individuals anywhere on the Pitt-Bradford campus who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

When the symptomatic person is a faculty or staff member anywhere on campus:

  1. The symptomatic individual must go home immediately. If the symptomatic individual does not have immediate access to transportation, have them avoid contact with others by waiting alone in a room with the door closed until transportation arrives.
  2. The symptomatic individual should promptly call their supervisor, health care provider and Health Services at 814-362-5272 upon arriving home.
    • The health care provider and Health Services will provide guidance on managing symptoms, accessing testing and other care needs.
    • If the individual tests positive, Health Services should be notified. Health Services will then provide updates to the necessary areas and monitor the individual’s progress and recovery.
    • Symptomatic individuals or those who test positive must quarantine or isolate away from campus until medical clearance is obtained from their health care provider and Health Services.
    • The individual’s supervisor should contact the Office of Facilities Management at 814-362-7670 so the room(s) can be temporarily closed and then cleaned by designated personnel.
    • Any room where the person spent more than 15 minutes on the day symptoms appeared or in the 48 hours prior will be closed for 24 hours, if possible.
    • After the closure period, Facilities Management will notify custodial staff to have the rooms cleaned and disinfected. If the closure for 24 hours is not possible, the room will be promptly cleaned by designated personnel.