Instructor and Staff Scenarios

Classroom Examples

Scenario 1: A student walks into class without a face covering. As the instructor, you tell the student that no one is permitted in class without a face covering, but they refuse to comply.

  • During the first class go over the statement in the syllabus about the requirement to wear a face covering. This invites a discussion of this requirement and will allow you to see if there are any objections to this guideline from the students. If there are objections, consider discussing with those students separately.
  • If the student refuses to wear a face covering, you have the discretion to ask the student to leave or you can elect to ask the student to physically distance from others, let the student remain and follow up with the student afterward.
  • If the student still refuses to wear a face covering, you have asked them to leave the classroom and they refuse to do so, how you proceed is again up to your discretion. You may elect to let the student remain, or you may choose to dismiss the class for the safety of the other students. After a situation of this nature has occurred, you should file a conduct referral with the Office of Student Conduct.

Scenario 2: A student you encounter in the hallway isn’t wearing a face covering. You remind them that face coverings are required in common areas of University buildings. They respond that they have a medical condition that makes it impossible for them to wear a face covering.

Outside Classroom Examples

Scenario 1: You, a supervisor, dean or department chair, receive complaints that someone on the team has been taking off their face covering frequently while they are in the building.

  • Remind the individual that their actions affect others and explain that you’re concerned about reports that they have not been following the guidelines. Ask them to please ensure they’re taking all of the steps they can to keep themselves and their fellow University members safe and healthy.
  • You may also remind individuals that if they require an accommodation and have a documented medical condition prohibiting mask wearing, they need to contact Disability Resources and Services.
  • All employees are required to follow the health and safety guidelines as outlined under the Standards and Guidelines while on University property. Continued failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.

Scenario 2: A supervisor, dean, department chair or other campus leader isn’t wearing a face covering in the building. They say it is hard for them to breathe with a face covering. You, a staff member, instructor or student who works with and perhaps reports to them, is uncomfortable, even though they don’t stand close when they talk.

  • You can report your concern to someone in the University with greater authority than the individual. A University community member’s right to bring forward a good-faith complaint and/or report concerns is protected under the University’s non-retaliation policy. Concerns can be expressed confidentially online through the Pitt Concern Connection