Information for Students

Keeping Us Safe and Healthy.

Key dates of the spring term


  1. Check Canvas class postings and order books to ship to your home. Need help navigating the digital space? Use our online student toolkit.
  2. If you are a student living outside of Pennsylvania who plans to live on campus during spring semester, order your free Quest COVID-19 test. All students may take a free Quest COVID-19 test, but only those who live outside of Pennsylvania and plan to live on campus are required to.

Jan. 19

  1. All classes begin remotely
  2. Beginning at noon, students may log in to the housing portal to select a date and time to move-in. You can access the portal through

Jan. 22

  • 5:30 p.m. Academic Affairs Town Hall Meeting on Zoom. 

Jan. 22-24

  • Begin your at-home shelter-in-place seven days before your scheduled move-in date. If required, take your Quest COVID-19 test on the first day of your shelter-in-place and ship it to the lab.

Jan. 29-31

  • Move-in during your assigned time. Each student may have one person accompany them inside the residence hall to assist in moving. Family members may also accompany students to the Panther Shop or dining services as long as wear masks and observe physical distancing regulations.

Jan. 29-Feb. 10

  • Campus-wide shelter in place. Students may leave residence hall to attend class, pick up food from the dining hall and exercise outside. Masks must be worn and six-foot distance observed with anyone outside your pod at all times. A pod consists of students who live in a suite or, in the case of Livingston Alexander House, room together.

Feb. 1

  • In-person classes begin. It is important to note that not all classes will be conducted in person. Students should check their schedules. Classes with an assigned room will be conducted in person and online, when possible. Classes that indicate they are web-based will meet remotely the entire term. Students may choose to attend class in person, when available, or remotely. For more details, visit Flex@Pitt.

Feb. 3

  • Extended deadline to withdraw from a fall 2020 class. Submit your request here.

Feb. 5

  • Spring term add/drop deadline

Feb. 23

  • Student self-care day. No classes. Note there will be no spring break.

March 24

  • Student self-care day.

March 26

  • Deadline to withdraw from spring 2021 class.

May 1

  • Spring term ends.

All plans for the spring term, including the status of remote or in-person classes, are subject to adjustment based on the operational risk postures of our campuses. We will continue to provide status updates.

Daily COVID-19 Health Check app

Pitt's Daily COVID-19 Health Check app provides a quick and convenient way for Pitt students to monitor their health during their shelter-in-place periods. This daily health check is required for all students preparing to travel to campus. It is an essential part of how we work together to keep students and other members of the Pitt community safe.

Tuition and Fees

The Flex @ Pitt model allows students to choose the course delivery option that best fits their needs. No matter how we deliver our courses, the unparalleled value of a Pitt education and the expertise of our world-class faculty remain unchanged. Despite rising fixed costs, the University is holding tuition, as well as room and board rates, flat for the 2020-21 academic year. While most fees are also being held flat, at the recommendation of our student government boards—and recognizing many in-person activities are not able to take place this year—we are reducing the Student Activity fees this year across all five campuses by 20%.


  • While students are sheltering in place, your meals can be delivered to your campus residence or you may pick them up in the dining hall.
  • Students should enter the dining room from the rear outside entrance, and properly socially distance as they are coming in.  In addition to this, you must wear a mask as you enter.  Students who are not wearing masks will not be served.
  • All guests must sanitize their hands prior to entering the facility. 
  • To maintain physical distancing and reduce waiting times as much as possible, each student with a meal plan has been registered for a daily recommended brunch and dinner time. The times were selected based your class schedule and the need to schedule equal numbers of students for each 30-minute slot. These are not required times, but they're designed to reduce congestion and your wait times. You can view your time in the Student Center at
  • We are also excited to announce that we have opened a Qdoba Mexican Eats on campus.  .
  • The dining room has very limited seating, so students are strongly urged to take their meals to go.  All meals will be packaged in to go containers.  
  • The associate working the check-in area will monitor the number of guests in the dining room, and only allow for seating for 50 people and dining room capacity of 100 (to include those in lines), once shelter-in-place has been lifted.
  • For ordering ahead, students can visit our website to place their order.

Hours of Operation

Guidelines for Responding to Symptomatic Individuals

The following is a general response to individuals anywhere on the Pitt-Bradford campus who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

When the symptomatic person is a:

Student in a residence hall room:

  1. The symptomatic student must stay in their room and avoid contact with others.
  2. The symptomatic student should promptly call Health Services at 814-362-5272.
    • `Health Services will provide guidance on managing symptoms, accessing testing and other care needs.
    • If the individual requests to return to their permanent residence, Health Services will advise if they are able to wait in their room until they can arrange for a guardian or other individual to pick them up.
  3. Health Services will notify Panther Central and Facilities Management, will coordinate closure and cleaning of any affected areas.
    • Any room where the person spent more than 15 minutes on the day symptoms appeared or in the 48 hours prior will be closed for 24 hours, if possible.
    • After the closure period, Facilities Management will notify custodial staff to have the rooms cleaned and disinfected. If the closure for 24 hours is not possible, the room will be promptly cleaned by designated personnel. 

Student anywhere on campus other than a residence hall room:

  1. The symptomatic student should immediately return to their residence, avoid contact with others and call Health Services at 814-362-5272.
    • If the student resides in a residence hall, follow the steps above.
    • If the student resides off campus, Health Services will advise on next steps.
  2. The faculty or staff member who was with the student at the time symptoms developed should report the building and room number of the encounter to Facilities Management at 814-362-7670 so the room can be cleaned by designated personnel. If a staff or faculty member was not with the student at the time of symptoms developing, Health Services will work with the student to obtain this information and notify Facilities Management.
    • Any room where the person spent more than 15 minutes on the day symptoms appeared or in the 48 hours prior will be closed for 24 hours, if possible.
    • After the closure period, Facilities Management will notify custodial personnel to have the rooms cleaned and disinfected. When the closure period is not possible, prompt cleaning and disinfection by designated personnel will occur.