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Updated 6/4/21

How many positive cases have there been on campus?

Please refer to the Campus Cases page.

Health and safety measures

Is the university requiring vaccinations in the fall term?

With the goal to provide an in-person experience in the fall term, our senior leadership team is carefully reviewing a number of options related to the vaccination of our community. University medical and public health experts are contributing to the conversations. We know that students and families are eager for a decision, but changing virus conditions, vaccination rates, and vaccine accessibility and availability worldwide make it difficult to know what to expect for our students, faculty and staff who come from a breadth of situations across the globe.

Will students have to wear masks in the residence halls?

Students will continue to be expected to wear masks in the residence hall common areas, such as hallways and elevators. However, they will not be required to wear masks in their own room.

If one student in a suite tests positive, are all of their suitemates or roommates treated as a family unit and quarantined?

Yes. Students in a suite, apartment, or wing -- depending on building style -- will be treated as family unit. If a student tests positive, they will be isolated in a different location. The students in their family unit will be required to quarantine in place in the suite/apartment/wing for 14 days.

What will happen if a student, faculty or staff member doesn’t wear a mask on campus?

Our goal is to provide an excellent and inclusive educational experience while also adhering to guidelines to protect the health and safety of the entire Pitt-Bradford community. Therefore, we are setting the clear expectation that everyone will wear masks. Health and safety interventions will be handled respectfully and as discretely as possible for those individuals who are not wearing a mask.

Do I have to wear a mask and stay six feet apart when outside? What If I am going for a job or playing sports with friends?

After consulting with the Healthcare Advisory Group, the University will implement the following, effective Monday, June 7, 2021:

Face Coverings:
•    Vaccinated individuals will no longer be required to wear face coverings when on campus outdoors. 
•    Everyone must continue to wear face coverings inside University buildings. 
Physical distancing: No longer required.

As a reminder, wearing a face covering is not a signal of vaccination status. Some people will continue to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status as a matter of individual preference and comfort. Please have patience for yourself and for others as we navigate these changes.  

What if a student feels ill?

If a student feels sick, they should stay in their room and call Health Services at 814-362-5272. The staff there will help students manage symptoms and receive testing. Student Affairs will arrange for support, such as food delivery and cleaning for the suite or hall.

What happens if a student is ill? What happens if another student in a pod becomes ill?

Students suspected of having or testing positive for COVID will be moved into an isolated housing unit, where they will communicate daily with Health Services staff. They will also be contacted by a contact tracer. Other members of the ill student’s “pod” (suite or hallway) will quarantine in place with food delivered. 

Will you contact parents if a student is ill?

We will notify whoever the student identified as an emergency contact. Therefore, it is important that the student’s emergency contact information is accurate and up to date. It is also helpful for the student to sign a FERPA waiver form. In an emergency, a signed form allows us to share a student’s personally identifiable information, without prior written consent, to those who need to know to protect the health and safety of the student and others.

Can a student go home if they are ill? 

Yes. For the comfort of the student and the safety of others, it is optimal if a student can return home.
If a student leaves housing before the end of the semester, will they receive a refund for room and board?
This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the circumstances.

What kind of cleaning protocol will be followed?

In suites, students will be responsible for cleaning within their apartments.  All residence hall common areas, including entrances, exits, elevators, stairwells, lobby areas, seating areas and common restrooms will be cleaned three times a day between 8 a.m. and midnight.

How many rooms do you have to accommodate positive cases?

18 beds have been set aside for the isolation of positive students on campus. 

What if a student is suspected to have COVID, but has not received a positive test yet? Are they housed with positive students?

For as long as we have the housing capacity, the two groups will be kept separate.
If students have been exposed or are sick, how will they access classes during quarantine?

The Flex@Pitt model enables our professors to provide instruction in person, remotely and a hybrid, which will accommodate students in these circumstances who will need to access their courses remotely.
What happens if a professor gets sick? Will someone else take over the class?
Each academic division will make sure classes are covered if any professor gets sick.

Will students have the option of attending class remotely if they have a health risk, live with someone who does or prefer not to physically come to campus?


Will students be able to meet privately and confidentially with a professor, advisor, tutor or counselor?

Yes. However, those meetings will not take place in small office spaces that do not enable physical distancing but in larger meeting spaces to enable both confidentiality and healthy communication. Additionally, students can meet with a professor, advisor, tutor or counselor virtually. Our support services will continue to operate virtually. Our Student Health Services clinicians provide telehealth services. You can schedule a telehealth appointment by calling 814-362-5272. You also can schedule an initial phone consultation with one of our therapists in Counseling Services by calling 814-362-5272.