Safe Travel and Requirements

The Healthcare Advisory Group updated guidance for travelers:

  • University members may engage in professional and personal travel, but should be cognizant of pandemic conditions at their destination and along their route. Local conditions and rules inform the advisability of any travel.
  • University members should follow CDC guidelines for travel, including any travel- related quarantine. Further restrictions may also apply and must be adhered to, as determined by current guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Allegheny County Health Department, or other county health departments applicable to the home campus.

Payment for travel

To provide travelers with assistance with travel itinerary changes, refunds, medical assistance and other issues in an environment in which COVID-19’s impact on travel varies widely by region and country, all University business travel paid by the University must be booked via Concur or Anthony Travel, and the University’s Travel Card must be used for all domestic and international travel expenses paid by the University. Travel expenses charged to personal credit cards will not be reimbursed unless the University Travel Card is not accepted by a vendor or the traveler presents evidence with their expense report that extenuating circumstances prevented access to Concur or the ability to contact Anthony travel. If a local vendor accepts only cash for a legitimate business expense, the traveler must submit a receipt in order to be reimbursed by the University.

Domestic and international travel booked by other host institutions, and any in-travel itinerary changes made outside of Concur/Anthony Travel must be manually registered.  Visit this page for manual registration instructions.

International Travel

In order to ensure University members’ safety and expedite extraction, should that be necessary, every international trip must be registered via the Pitt International SOS portal. Booking with Concur/Anthony Travel automatically registers the traveler with ISOS; registration with the US Department of State STEP program is also strongly encouraged.

Student travel abroad is governed by the policies of the Pitt Global Experiences Office.

Additional information about international travel is available on the Global Operations Support website.