Payment Plan Options

  • University Payment Plan

    Enrollment for payment plans is through PittPAY.  The fall and spring term-related plans begin as early as May for fall term and November for spring term, and include from six to two installments.  There is also an annual plan for both fall and spring terms that begins as early as May and includes up to 12 installments.  The summer term plan has three installments beginning in May.

    The number of installments you will be eligible for depends on how early you enroll in the plan.

    There is a $55 non-refundable enrollment fee for the fall, spring, and summer plans, and a $90 non-refundable enrollment fee for the annual plan (that encompasses both fall and spring terms). 

    Students must owe at least $500 per term to qualify for enrollment.

    Payment Plan payments can only be made by auto-debit from a credit card or bank account. If you elect to pay by credit or debit card, you will be charged a non-refundable 2.75% service charge for each transaction.  No fee is charged for payments made by eCheck from checking accounts.

    The enrollment fee will be debited (charged) as soon as you complete the payment plan enrollment process.  Each installment will be automatically debited on the 5th of the month.  You will not receive eBills in PittPAY if you are enrolled in a payment plan.

    Since you can enroll in a fall or annual payment plan before the University has determined tuition, room and meal plan rates for a new academic year (this typically does not occur until mid-July), and you can enroll in a spring or summer plan before tuition and fees are calculated on your student account, the payment plan’s budget calculator will assist you in determining your estimated payment plan budget.  The amount of your early installments will be based on the estimated amounts determined during the Payment Plan enrollment process.

    Once the student is registered for classes for the term and has actual charges posted to the student account, we will automatically adjust your payment plan balance to match the amount due on the student account.  We will subtract anticipated financial aid that has not yet applied to the student account in computing the adjusted amount of the actual payment plan balance.

    You will be notified of any change we make to the payment plan balance and to the amount of remaining installments. Students are notified to their Pitt email address and Authorized Payers are notified to the email address in their PittPAY User Preferences.

    Once we have adjusted the payment plan balance to correspond to the student account balance, if an installment debit is not successful you will be removed from the payment plan.  This might occur if a credit card transaction is declined, or an eCheck is returned for insufficient funds or the bank account is closed. You will also be charged a $30 non-refundable fee for each failed debit.  If you wish to enroll in a new plan after this occurs, you will be charged another non-refundable enrollment fee.

    Students may enroll in the payment plan themselves. Students can also create an Authorized Payer in PittPAY and that individual may log into PittPAY, using the login ID and password their student has assigned to them, and enroll their student in a payment plan.  Students can have only one active payment plan for the academic period at a time (two Authorized Payers may not each have a plan for the same student in the same academic period such as fall term).

    Please note that we cannot discuss any student account details or any payment plan details with individuals who are not designated in PittPAY as the student’s Authorized Payers.

    To enroll in a Payment Plan:

    Students log onto, select PittPAY login, and select Payment Plan from the PittPAY menu.

    Authorized Payers log onto then select Authorized Payers login to PittPAY.  Enter the PittPAY login name and password your student assigned then select Payment Plan from the PittPAY menu.

    Number of Installments Offered in the Payment Plan Enrollment Process:

    Enroll in a Payment Plan before the dates listed below and you will be offered a corresponding number of installments.

    Enroll in Payment Plan before this date

    Number of installments offered

    Fall term

    May 5

    6 installments

    June 5

    5 installments

    July 5

    4 installments

    Spring term

    November 5

    6 installments

    December 5

    5 installments

    January 5

    4 installments

    Summer term

    May 5

    3 installments

    June 5

    2 installments