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  • The Payroll Office is located in the Control Tower Building on West Washington Street.

    Office Hours and Contact Info: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Jenna Swanson, HR and Payroll Assistant, 814-362-7531 or

    Payroll Notices:

    All new employees (including faculty, staff and student workers) will now be required to sign up for direct deposit of their pay when completing payroll paperwork. Employees may have their pay directly deposited into a checking or savings account.  This process requires that the employee provide the Payroll Office with a document from their banking institution that contains their name, the account number and the bank routing number (a voided check would contain this information). Deposit slips cannot be accepted.

    The Human Resources and Payroll Offices will no longer be handling employment verifications for active employees.  The university now uses an automated service called The Work Number to verify employment information for lenders, property managers and other employers. The Payroll Office may still handle employment verifications for social services agencies.  Instructions on how to obtain an employment verification . If your office receives a request for an employment verification, please forward that request to the Payroll Office so that we may give the proper information to the requesting organization.  Per university policy, supervisors are not permitted to give employment verifications of any kind.

    University of Pittsburgh employees can now access pay statements online at This service offers:

    • Secure on-line access to pay statements on pay day
    • The ability to view current and past pay statements
    • 24/7 access from any computer

    Instructions for accessing online pay statements, changing direct deposit, address changes or changes to W-4 are available at the Pittsburgh Payroll website

    Please contact Jenna Swanson, Human Resource and Payroll Assistant 814-362-7531 if you have questions.