Planning and Budgeting Committee

  • The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) is a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students that meets regularly to consider and make recommendations about a wide variety of initiatives, as part of the Strategic Planning process.

    The current membership includes:

    Dr. Steven Hardin, Vice-President and Dean of Academic Affairs (Chair)

    Dr. James Evans, VP & Dean, Student Affairs                                   

    Mr. Rick Esch, VP, Business Affairs                                                   

    Mr. James Baldwin, VP, Enrollment Management                           

    Ms. Jill Ballard, Director, Institutional Advancement                       

    Ms. Pat Cercone, Director, Communications & Marketing              

    Mr. Don Lewicki, Manager, CTM Services                                        

    Dr. Don Ulin, President, Faculty Senate                                            

    Dr. Matthew Kropf, VP, Faculty Senate                                             

    Dr. Shailendra Gajanan, Chair, Management & Education              

    Dr. Warren Fass, Chair, Behavioral & Social Sciences                      

    Ms. Jessica Kramer, President, Staff Association                              

    Ms. Marcia Avey, President-Elect, Staff Association                        

    Mr. Julian Joyner, President, Student Government                           

    Ms. Brianna Tanner, VP, Student Government                              

    Non-voting member (support)
    Mr. Steve Williams, Senior Accountant, Business Affairs 

    Non-voting member (ex officio)
    Ms. Christy Lyn Clark, Executive Associate to the President             

    Administrative support (non-voting)
    Ms. Lori Smith, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

    PBC Minutes

    PBC Timeline