Power of Pitt

  • Graduate Girl

  • Benefits of Pitt:

    • recognized internationally for its prestigious scholarship and research.
    • a degree that is known and respected around the globe, which will help you get a job or gain acceptance to graduate school
    • access to the libraries on all five campuses.
    • expansive study-abroad opportunities.
    • ability to schedule processing time on the university super computer.
    • admission guarantees to many Pitt graduate programs
    • networking opportunities throughout the Pitt Career Network with more than 200,000 alumni. 

    Benefits of Pitt-Bradford: 

    • small classes taught by faculty (not graduate assistants) who know your name and care about your success.
    • research opportunities with faculty as early as your sophomore year with opportunities to be published or to present at academic conferences.
    • new living, teaching, and learning facilities, featuring apartment-style student residence halls wired for Internet access.
    • opportunities to transfer to the Pittsburgh campus after one to two years of successful coursework on our campus.
    • internship opportunities in every major.
    • many forms of financial aid through grants, loans, work study or scholarships.
    • student leadership opportunities starting in your freshman year.
    • personal career counseling.
    • living and learning in a safe, picturesque, 319-acre campus.