Pre-Health Information Management

  • Professor

  • Program Contact: Dr. Lauren Yaich

    Academic Division: Biological and Health Sciences

    Program Description:

    This program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and is one of approximately 50 such programs in the United States. Progression for the registered health information technician is provided within this program of study.

    The Health Information Management program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). Upon successful completion of all HIM courses, students are eligible to sit for the AHIMA Registration Examination to become credentialed as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA).

    The Pitt Freshman Guarantee

    All incoming Pitt freshmen choosing the pre-health information management major code “PREHIM” will be granted the guarantee (at regional Pitt campuses, please choose corresponding codes).

    Program Requirements:

    Prerequisites to be completed at Pitt-Bradford

    Students pursuing the undergraduate degree in health information management (HIM) enter the program in the junior year of their undergraduate studies. Students complete the first two years of study at Pitt-Bradford and then will apply to relocate to the Pittsburgh campus in Oakland.

    Minimum required credits/degrees: 60 college credits
    Minimum required quality point average (QPA): 2.5
    Other admission criteria (recommended; not required): Volunteer or paid work experience in HIM

    Students are required to have completed the following courses, earning a minimum QPA of 2.5 (based on 4.0) in these courses and a minimum grade of C- in all courses designated as prerequisites.

    Humanities/Social Science, 6 credits (Anthropology, Economics, English Literature/Writing, Foreign Language, History, Music, Performing & Visual Arts, Philosophy, Sociology, etc.)

    Additional Information:

    Courses to be completed after relocation to the Pittsburgh campus

    Students complete the required course work for this degree during their junior and senior years of undergraduate study. Students are required to complete 63 credits of School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences course work. Most of the courses are only offered once per academic year. If a student fails to successfully complete a course, the student must retake the course the next academic year. Furthermore, this may also prevent the student from registering for the advanced-level courses and delay the date of graduation.

    The following is a typical plan of studies for an undergraduate degree in health information management (HIM):

    Junior year, fall term

    • HRS 1020 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, 4 credits
    • HRS 1027 Pathophysiology, 3 credits
    • HIM 1405 Medical Terminology Lab, 1 credit
    • HIM 1406 Database Theory and PC Tools for HIM Professionals, 2 credits
    • HIM 1407 Database Theory and PC Tools for HIM Professionals Lab, 1 credit
    • HIM 1415 Introduction to Health Information and the Healthcare System, 3 credits
    • HIM 1416 Introduction to Health Information and the Healthcare System Lab 1, 1 credit
    •  HIM 1420 /HRS 1009 Organizational Theory and Behavior, 3 credits

    Junior year, spring term

    • HIM 1435 Classification Systems in Health Care, 3 credits
    • HIM 1436 Classification Systems Lab 2, 1 credit
    • HIM 1438 Cancer Registry Theory and Practice Lab, 2 credits
    • HIM 1440 HIM Clinical Education, 2 credits
    • HIM 1442 Application of Statistical Concepts in HIM, 3 credits
    • HIM 1455 Quality Management, 2 credits
    • HIM 1456 Quality Management Lab 3, 1 credit

    Summer session

    • HIM 1445 Human Relations in Health Care, 2 credits
    • HIM 1460 HIM Clinical Education 2, 1 credit
    • HIM 1462 Epidemiology, 2 credits
    • HIM 1465 Reimbursement Seminar, 1 credit

    Senior year, fall term

    • HIM 1470 Supervision of Human Resources in Health Care, 3 credits
    • HIM 1475 HIM in Nontraditional Settings, 3 credits
    • HIM 1480 HIM Clinical Education 3, 2 credits
    • HIM 1482 Legal Aspects of Health Care, 2 credits
    • HIM 1485 Systems Analysis, 3 credits

    Senior year, spring term

    • HIM 1486 Financial Management, 2 credits
    • HIM 1490 Electronic Health Records, 3 credits
    • HIM 1495 HIM Clinical Education 4, 4 credits
    • HIM 1496 Capstone Course in HIM: Senior Project and
    • Professional Competencies Assessment, 3 credits

    Please note this program requires that you complete clinical education at facilities external to the University. There are requirements that students need to meet before they can participate in clinical education, including having an annual physical examination (including specific immunizations and TB testing), obtaining a criminal background check with the Pennsylvania State Police, completing HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen training, purchasing liability insurance and carrying personal health insurance. Additionally, some facilities may require an Act 33/34 clearance, and/or a drug screen to determine whether you are qualified to participate in clinical education.


    The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, in cooperation with University of Pittsburgh graduate programs and other graduate schools, offers several guarantee options for graduate and professional schools.