• Amounts received in excess of your charges will be refunded to you automatically, unless restrictions require that excess amounts be returned to the source. Refunds cannot be mailed until funds are received and credited to your account. Federal regulations prohibit the University from processing refunds related to any form of Title IV financial aid until ten days before the official starting date of the term. We cannot issue a refund related to Stafford and other guaranteed student loans until the loan funds have been applied to your account.

    Check Refunds

    A refund check will be automatically generated and sent to you at your mailing address, unless you have informed the Enrollment Services, in person or in writing, of a specific address to which your refund should be mailed.

    Credit Card Adjustments

    Existing Discover/MasterCard/VISA regulations prohibit the University from making a refund to you in cash or by check when you made your payment by credit card and there is an adjustment made to the charges paid. When you pay by credit card and there is a reduction in the amount of your charges, we are required to credit the credit card account you used to make the payment.