Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

  • The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford values the safety and health of all members of the Pitt-Bradford community and seeks to foster an environment where its students and employees treat other persons with respect, civility, and dignity. Any behavior that involves sexual assault or harassment, relationship violence, or stalking of another person will not be tolerated.

    If You Have Experienced Sexual Assault

    If you are the victim of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence and/or stalking, know that resources are in place to provide immediate support and assistance, as well as to ensure your health and safety, whether or not you choose to pursue a complaint or report. If you do choose to file a report or complaint, there are several options available.

    Remember: sexual assault is never the victim’s fault. Reach out—get help.

    What to do:

    Get To A Safe Place:
    Your immediate safety is the top priority. As quickly as possible, find a safe place away from the attacker or any potential danger.

    Contact Campus Police:
    Call Campus Police at 814.368.3211 or 10333 from a campus phone immediately if you feel you are in danger or to report stalking, domestic violence, sexual violence of sexual assault. Even if you choose not to formally report an incident or pursue a complaint, Campus Police can help, including transporting you to emergency medical care and evaluation.

    Get Emergency Medical Attention:
    Receiving expert medical attention as soon as possible will protect your health and can preserve important medical evidence. Preservation of medical evidence (ideally within 72 hours of the assault) keeps your options open, since it may be needed if you choose to pursue a criminal or legal complaint. To preserve evidence, do not shower, douche or change clothes or bedding before you seek emergency attention. If oral contact took place, do not brush teeth, smoke or eat.

    24 hours: Bradford Regional Medical Center
    Emergency Department: 814-362-8274
    Women’s Health Services: 814-362-8480

    NOTE: Only hospital emergency rooms can collect physical evidence of sexual assault. While all hospitals are required by law to report to the police any injury that is the result of a crime, this does not obligate you to file formal charges.

    Seek Confidential Crisis Counseling:
    Crisis counseling can provide you with immediate emotional support and help connect you to key resources and information. There are two 24-hour crisis-response lines available to assist victims of sexual assault/violence:

    24-Hour Crisis-Response Lines Business-Hour Crisis Support
    Bradford YWCA 
    Victims’ Resource Center: 814-368-4235 
    Sexual Assault/Violence Hotline: 888-822-6325
    Counseling Services
    226 Frame-Westerberg Commons
    The Guidance Center
    Crisis Intervention Line: 814-362-4623 or 1-800-459-6568

    Consider Your Reporting Options:

    There are several options for formally reporting an incident of sexual assault/violence. Survivors of assault can choose one, all or none of these options. University officials will maintain as much confidentiality as possible by law in order to keep you and the campus community safe*. Anonymous reporting of sexual assault is also possible when contacting any of the offices below. Keep in mind that anonymous reporting greatly limits the University’s ability to respond to and investigate an incident. 

    • File a criminal complaint with Campus Police at 814-368-3211 or 10333 from a campus phone. 
    • If the alleged perpetrator is a Pitt-Bradford student, you can file a complaint for violation of the Student Code of Conduct with the Office of Judicial Affairs at 814-362-7630. 
    • Sexual assault is a form of sexual harassment/discrimination. Under Title IX, you may file a complaint if you are a victim of sexual assault, or if you believe you have been retaliated against for complaining of sexual assault or harassment or for providing information in an investigation. Contact: Christy Clark, Title IX Liaison, 814-362-5121 or    

    * Different employees on campus have different abilities to maintain confidentiality. For an overview, see the Quick Guide. For complete information, see “ Reporting and Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence: Know The Options,”

    The University of Pittsburgh also offers additional resources you may find helpful.