SAP Guidelines

  • SAP

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for federal financial aid will be checked once a year at the end of the spring term.  Please familiarize yourself with the policy below.

    Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

    Student requirements to make SAP
    • Maintain cumulative GPA (1.5 if you have earned up to 30 credits, 2.0 if you have earned more than 30 credits)
    • Successfully complete 67% of all credits attempted 
    • Must complete degree within 150% of slated time
      • 150% for 60 credits or AA/AS = 90 credits
      • 150% for 120 credits or BA/BS = 180 credits 
    Satisfactory Academic Progress is checked once a year after spring term
    • If SAP is not met at the end of the spring term, then student loses Title IV (i.e. Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG Grants, Federal Direct Student and Federal Direct Parent PLUS loans, Federal Perkins loans, and Federal Work Study) eligibility.
    Re-establishing Eligibility for Financial Aid
    • Make up credits and cumulative GPA by:
      • Paying for credits with own funds
      • Have grades posted for incompletes, etc.
      • Written appeal
        • This would place the student on Financial Aid ‘Probation’ for one term or an ‘Academic Plan’ for more than one term, to allow the student to re-establish eligibility.
        • 2nd and subsequent appeals