Pitt to match federal Pell grants for students next year

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The University of Pittsburgh today announced the creation of the Pitt Success Pell Match Program, kicking off the largest restructuring of financial aid in the institution's nearly 232-year history. 

The Pitt Success Pell Match Program will leverage the power of the U.S. Department of Education's Pell Grant program by matching these federal funds, dollar for dollar, up to the cost of attendance for eligible students across all five of Pitt's campuses. The program is one of seven initiatives that the University has launched or added in recent years to help make Pitt more affordable and accessible for students and families.

 “We want any prospective student with the desire and the qualifications to be able to attend the University of Pittsburgh and succeed,” Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said. “This program is one means to that end. It is part of a comprehensive charge that our University is advancing - one initiative at a time - to help all students access a Pitt education, afford a Pitt education and then excel in their Pitt education.”    

Pitt-Bradford students are excited - and grateful - for this new program.

“Basically, with more money I will be able to further my education without an absurd amount of debt.” - Candy Vasquez, a sociology major from Port Allegany, PA

“I am thankful and truly grateful to receive this financial opportunity. After receiving this helpful funding from the university, I will not have to seek outside financial assistance.” -- Michael Reynolds Jr., a business management major from Philadelphia

“With this grant, it will take the burden of financial stress off my back, and I can focus more on staying on campus rather than traveling to and from work every day after classes.” - Colton Miller, a criminal justice major from Hinsdale, NY   

With this new initiative, the university's total investment in students with financial need across all campuses will top $130 million in 2019-20 - a 47 percent increase compared to contributions five years ago.
For students on the University's four regional campuses - where nine out of 10 students are Pennsylvania residents - this new initiative boosts the University's investment in financial need by 68 percent and increases the University's average financial aid award by 114 percent compared to five years ago.  

The university enrolls roughly 5,000 students who receive Pell Grants, and the average grant awarded is $4,500. The Pitt Success Pell Match Program, which will begin matching Pell Grants for the 2019-20 academic year, will immediately reduce the total cost of a Pitt education for qualifying students and their families. The University estimates that 84 percent of recipients will be in-state students.

“Since my appointment, I have reflected on ensuring access to, and affordability of, a great Pitt education,” said Ann E. Cudd, who has just completed her first semester as Pitt's provost and senior vice chancellor. “Today, with the launch of the Pitt Success Pell Match Program, I am very excited that we are taking another important step in our efforts to support inclusive excellence.”

For more information, contact Pitt-Bradford's Office of Admissions or Financial Aid.