Study shows campus's impact on state economy


Pitt-Bradford contributed $75.1 million to Pennsylvania's economy during the 2018 fiscal year, according to a study released this week by the University of Pittsburgh.

The study's author is the consulting firm Tripp Umbach, which measured the economic, employment and government revenue impacts of the university's operations and research on all of its campuses.

“We have always known that Pitt-Bradford's contribution to the economic health and well-being of the area and its residents has been significant,” said Lawrence Feick, Pitt-Bradford's interim president. “This new study confirms that our campus also makes a substantial economic impact on the entire state of Pennsylvania. We are proud to be a part of the overall $4.2 billion impact that the university's five campuses have made in Pennsylvania.”  

The Tripp Umbach report broke the university's contributions down into a $26.4 million direct impact and a $48.7 million induced impact.

In addition to its monetary contribution, Pitt-Bradford supports 364 direct jobs. As a result of its operations, the Bradford campus creates another 424 indirect jobs.

Pitt-Bradford will also generate about $3.5 million in state and local government revenues for the Commonwealth this fiscal year.

In addition to being the seventh largest employer in McKean County, the university also benefits the community through its arts programming, the Bridges program that allows local high school students to take classes on campus and its Center for Rural Health Practice and American Refining Group/Harry R. Halloran Jr. Energy Institute.

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