Faculty publish and present during academic year

Ogundayo BioDun

Faculty had many scholarly activities outside of the classroom during the 2018-19 academic year.

             Dr. 'Biodun Ogundayo, associate professor of French and comparative literature, is the co-editor of a new book published by Lexington Books. “African Sacred Spaces: Culture, History and Change” is a collection of analytical essays on different aspects of African sacred spaces.

            The book is the collaborative product of Africanist scholars from the United States and Africa, and it reflects their areas of expertise and specialization. The various essays examine and discuss the notion of sacred space as it relates to religion, the environment, sustainability and the conflicts between tradition and modernity.

            Ogundayo contributed a chapter about African traditional religion and the application of indigenous ways of knowing to understanding non-western modes of thought, perception and the place and role of people within their specific cultural space.

            Many faculty members have also been on the road presenting at conferences.

            Catherine Baldwin, visiting librarian, presented on best practices in information literacy instruction at the European Conference on Information Literacy in Oulu, Finland.

            Dr. Tony Gaskew, professor of criminal justice, presented “Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Teaching and Talking about/to/with the Police” at the Association for Humanist Sociology Annual Meeting in Detroit.

            Dr. Ken Wang, associate professor of computer information systems and technology, presented a paper called “Variation in Taking and Posting Selfies: Whether Social and Appearance Self-esteem lead Selfie Taking and Posting Behaviors Differently” at the National Communication Association Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.

            Dr. Wes C. Chiang, assistant professor of marketing, and Dr. Duane Mitchell, assistant professor of business management, co-presented a paper titled “Identifying Business Schools' Business Behaviors - Employing the Perspectives of Corporate Ethos” at the 2019 International Conference on Management, Leadership and Business Intelligence at Sam Houston State University.

            Dr. Tracee Howell, assistant professor of English, led a roundtable discussion, “I'm no Feminist! Negotiating Rural Feminisms and Feminist Identities,” and a panel discussion, “From Hillary C to AOC: Social Media and Women's Voices in the Public Sphere,” at the Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

            She also presented a paper titled “From the White Girl to Thicker than Water: Identity and Americanization in Vera Caspary's Early 20th Century Novels” at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association 2019 National Conference, also in Washington.

            Dr. Adam Cilli, assistant professor of history, presented a paper, “Black Middle-Class Reformers and the Urban League Movement in Pittsburgh, 1918-1926,” at the Conference of the Organization of American Historians in Philadelphia.

            Dr. Donna Dombek, associate professor of education, presented “Therapy that Barks: The 'Tail' Continues” at a poster session during the 47th Teacher Education Assembly in Harrisburg.

            Dr. Shelly Klinek, assistant professor of health and physical education, presented a poster on “Health and Physical Education College Pennsylvania Programs: Enrollment and Trends” at the Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance annual convention.

            Dr. Patricia Brougham, assistant professor of criminal justice, presented a poster titled “Revitalization Efforts and Crime in a Neighborhood of Broken Windows” at the Western Society of Criminology conference in Honolulu.