Campus to hold Law Enforcement Awareness and Familiarization Day

On Sept. 11, Pitt-Bradford will hold its 35th Law Enforcement and Familiarization Day -- an event that is held to promote awareness of law enforcement agencies and to help others find careers in the field.

The event will be held from 10a.m. to 3p.m. in the Mukaiyama University Room of the Frame-Westerberg Commons. The event, which is free and open to the public, is being hosted by the university's Campus Police and Safety Department.

On LEAF Day, law enforcement and regulatory agencies from local, county, state and federal government, are invited to come to the campus and display information about their agencies. As the program has grown, associated professions and agencies have also been invited to join the program.

LEAF Day provides the members of the campus community and the general public not only a chance to learn what services these agencies provide and perform, but permits face-to-face contact with the agents. It also offers an opportunity to learn the requirements for a potential career with any of these agencies.

In addition, LEAF Day was established to help generate and gain a better understanding of the work performed by the men and women who protect lives, health, homes, environments and the nation.

Agencies taking part in this year's event include the Pennsylvania State Police, New York State Police, Bradford City Police Department, Bradford Township Police Department, McKean County District Attorney's Office, McKean County Drug Task Force, McKean County Adult Probation, McKean County Sheriff's Office, City of Warren Police Department, YWCA Victim's Resource Center, Pennsylvania State Game Commission and the U.S. Marine Corps.

LEAF Day was started in 1981 by George Barron, who was the university's first chief of campus police.