Business Testimonials

  • Grant writing program

    "This was a very good class, and I recommend it to others." -- Kathleen Reitinger, Warren County regional Main Street coordinator 

    "The presentations were well presented, the smaller classes gave us the opportunity for discussions and networking, and the training helped us to identify resources while saving time. We were very pleased with the program and appreciated the opportunity to participate." -- Linda Carlson, CEO Highpoint Foundation, Lutheran Home at Kane.

    Land man training

    "This class was a good opportunity for both beginning and experienced landmen to learn some law and to discover some new ideas. This class also provided new ideas on how to improve handling on-the-job situations regarding title searching and leas preparation. Overall, the teaching of Russell Schetroma was more than worth the cost of the whole class." -- David Lunden, landman, Dallas Energy LLC 

    Painting class

    "I never thought I would sign up for an oil painting class, but I did and after the first class, I was hooked. Thank you for the opportunity to expand my horizons." -- Susie Bartlett of Bradford