• To access your specific textbooks & course material requirements, login to the Student Services Center at my.pitt.edu, click "My Class Schedule", and then click on the section number for each class in which you are enrolled. At the bottom of each page, you will see a listing under Textbook/Other Materials.  

    Textbooks are sold in The Panther Shop during the first four weeks of each term. We also offer in-store textbook rentals. Stop by or call us 814-362-7540 for more details.

    Terms & conditions - Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  If a department has not placed a book order for a course it will be listed as "no text listed".  Textbooks are at the discretion of the faculty member and are also subject to change.  Please check back frequently or check with your professor.   To ensure a full refund in the event of a textbook change purchase your textbooks from the Panther shop book store.

    Books for the fall semester will be available at www.thepanthershop.com starting the first week in August. To order the books and pick them up when you arrive on campus simply choose the option “Pick Up At Store” during the checkout process. 

    The textbook department includes all required new and used books as well as all supplies needed for any course taught at Pitt-Bradford. Each professor sends a list of requirements needed for each course, and the Panther Shop orders the materials needed for every course.

    Selling prices of books are determined by the publisher. The Panther Shop adds 5% to the publisher's current retail price to defer freight costs in accordance with accepted business policies through the University of Pittsburgh. If the publisher increases a price, The Panther Shop must act accordingly. Sometimes a paperbound book will have a price sticker pasted over an old printed price. The publisher may do this if a supply of books is on hand in its warehouse when the price is increased.

    Textbook Supplies

    Every effort is made to have a sufficient supply of textbooks for every course. If the supply of books has been depleted, we will place a prepaid order on an individual basis. If the book needed is in stock at the publisher, it will be received within 10 working days in most cases. 

    Refund Policy

    A refund for a textbook will only be given when the student drops or withdraws from the course for which it was purchased. The time limit for receiving a refund is 17 calendar days into the term for fall and spring terms, and 5 days for summer terms. To obtain a refund, the original price tag must be on the book. New books must be in perfect condition and used books in good condition. You must have your receipt to receive a refund.

    Book Buy Back

    During finals week, you may sell textbooks back to the store.  Our policy is to buy every current edition textbook a student decides he/she no longer wants. Textbooks which are not being used for the upcoming term can be sold for the current wholesale value. 

    We will pay up to 50% of the book price, providing the textbook is being used on this campus for the upcoming term, and is needed to fill The Panther Shop's quota, and is in reusable condition. For example, if you paid $46.00 for a textbook, we would buy it back for $23.00, or 50% of the purchase price.

    For books not needed on this campus but having national demand, up to 35% of the new price may be paid. Discontinued books are shipped to a wholesaler who recycles them to other colleges and universities where they are needed. Old editions have no national value.


    Recycling your books is good for the environment and lowers the price of textbooks. Wholesale prices are based on national supply and demand. Copies in poor condition will be deducted appropriately. Old editions have no value and cannot be purchased. Our goal is to buy back as many of your books at 50% of the original retail price as possible.