Why Give

  • Students

  • Thanks to the consistent annual support of alumni and friends, Pitt-Bradford is able to offer students an enriching college experience, and this year's record enrollment numbers indicate that students are taking us up on our offer! With approximately 1,600 full-time students, the university needs your support more than ever in order to turn record enrollment numbers into record graduation numbers. 

    Donations can be directed toward scholarships, which are then distributed as financial aid. Last year, 90% of Pitt-Bradford students received some form of financial aid in order to help with the cost of tuition, housing, and book expenses. And while our $10.6 million in scholarship endowments lessens the financial burden that students and their families have to face, our endowed resources aren't sufficient to cover our financial aid output. An increase in scholarship giving can help close that gap, and could even get us to the point where we could offer incoming students 100% of demonstrated need.                                                          

    Once students enroll, Pitt-Bradford then has a responsibility to maintain the programs, faculty, activities, and facilities that brought them to the university in the first place, as tuition alone will not cover the cost of everything we want to give to them. Students decide to enroll at Pitt-Bradford after attending an open house, talking with a professor about a particular major, being recruited by an athletic coach, or after reading about research opportunities. These students deserve to arrive on campus and find what they were promised, and your contributions will make that happen.