Chitiyo, Jonathan

Chitiyo, Jonathan

Dr. Jonathan Chitiyo
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Division of Management and Education

Contact Information:

149 Swarts Hall

Degrees and Credentials:
Ph.D. Special Education, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
M.S.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 2011
B.A. Environmental Studies, Africa University, Zimbabwe

Academic Focus:

Dr. Chitiyo completed his doctoral studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. His teaching experience started in Zimbabwe and Malawi, where he served as a substitute high school teacher before moving to the USA to pursue graduate studies. As a graduate student, he has taught and co-taught a number of special education and general education courses.  

His research interests include the implementation of school based practices (i.e., school-wide positive behavior support) special education program planning and development, and the development of special education in developing countries.

He has presented and co-presented some of his research at regional, national, and international professional conferences

Research, Accomplishments, and Publications:

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Book Chapters

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