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    Program Contact: Dr. Y. Ken Wang


    How do you get your IT career started? IT professionals will tell you it's about having skills and being able to apply them to a business problem or situation. Our two-year program does just that! You'll get the hands-on skills necessary to be immediately productive in a business environment.

    You'll take computers and servers apart and rebuild them. You'll learn all about networking on our CISCO equipment.  You'll construct dynamic web sites and work with Microsoft's current product set including SQL Server and Visual Studio. Our faculty all have prior industry experience as well as their credentials and they'll help you find learning opportunities outside the classroom too.  Just ask them.

    When you've completed the program, you'll be ready for the real IT world. Of course, you can go even further if you want and open the door to more possibilities.  On completion of our two year program, you can seamlessly move on and complete the  B.S in Computer Information Systems and Technology. Check that out too.

    What can you do with a degree in Information Systems. Suggested 2-year plan of study.

    Degree Requirements

    Course Requirements in Information Technology

    Credits: 30

    Other required courses


    Approved Elective - 3 credits

    Credits: 12

    General Education Courses

    Six courses (18-19 credits) over the four human experience areas with at least one course in each area, and at least one course must be a physical or life science with laboratory.

    Total credits: 60-61

    Please be advised

    Please be advised that some programs or courses of study require that students complete rotations, fieldwork, internships/externships and/or teaching assignments at facilities external to the university, while other programs or courses of study may offer voluntary internships or externships at facilities external to the university. Depending on the program or course, such facilities will or may require a criminal background check, an act 33/34 clearance (if applicable), and perhaps a drug screen to determine participant qualification or eligibility. Additionally, in order to become licensed, many states will inquire as to whether the applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor, a felony, or a felonious or illegal act associated with alcohol and/or substance abuse.

    Additional Information:

    For those who intend to pursue the four year degree in Computer Information Systems and Technology

    We recommend that the student take the following:

    ASIS students can access the Pitt-Bradford  Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance software  here.  Please see your instructor to gain access to this site.