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  • “My academic experience was excellent. All of my professors were very helpful and approachable."

    Karen Clow, a 2017 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a graduate student at Grand Canyon University

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    Program Contact: Dr. Helene Lawson


    Interested in social life? No, not that kind of social life. We're talking about the study of group life and relationships. Life in cities and the country. Family patterns and social class. Still interested? Then our sociology major may be for you.

    As a sociology student, you'll learn all about those groups and much more. And, you'll get a chance to research a topic of your choice. Our students have studied some pretty interesting subjects: Women who tend bar. The rituals that baseball players follow. Why people dance. The effects of divorce on children. Gender differences in video games. You may get the chance to present your research or have it published, which will look great on a resume. 

    When you graduate, you'll be prepared  to work in several areas. At a government agency, community organizations or school. At a correctional facility, public relations firms or with an industry. Or, you can go on to graduate school to study law, social work, higher education and public administration or another area.

    What you can do with a degree in Sociology . Suggested 4-year plan of study.

    Degree Requirements

    Course requirements in the Major


    Total core requirements: 19

    Area Requirements in Sociology

    The Individual in Society:

    (2 courses - 1 must be upper-level)

    Credits: 6

    Inequalities and Social Differences:

    (2 courses - 1 must be upper-level)

    Credits: 6

    Social Institutions:

    (2 courses; 1 must be upper-level)

    Credits: 6


    (2 courses)

    Credits: 6

    Total Credits: 24

    Total credits required for the major: 43

    General Education Program Requirements and Requirements-Variable

    (See General Education Program and General Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree under Academic Policies and Guidelines for further details.)

    Please be advised

    Please be advised that some programs or courses of study require that students complete rotations, fieldwork, internships/externships and/or teaching assignments at facilities external to the university, while other programs or courses of study may offer voluntary internships or externships at facilities external to the university. Depending on the program or course, such facilities will or may require a criminal background check, an act 33/34 clearance (if applicable), and perhaps a drug screen to determine participant qualification or eligibility. Additionally, in order to become licensed, many states will inquire as to whether the applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor, a felony, or a felonious or illegal act associated with alcohol and/or substance abuse.

    The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, in cooperation with University of Pittsburgh graduate programs and other graduate schools, offers several guarantee options for graduate and professional schools.




    Klausner Michael

    Dr. Michael Klausner

    Associate Professor of Sociology


    203C Swarts Hall

    Lawson Helene

    Dr. Helene Lawson

    Director of Sociology Program, and Professor of Sociology


    205A Swarts Hall


    These are just some of the positions our recent graduates have.

    • Autistic support aide at Bradford Area High School
    • Case manager at Keystone Youth Development
    Graduate School:
    • Duquesne University School of Law
    • Binghamton University
    • Rutgers University