Dr. Warren Fass

Warren Fass
Dr. Warren Fass
Associate Professor of Psychology

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Contact Information:
Phone: 814-362-7577
Location: 235E Swarts Hall

Short Bio

He enjoys music, especially Classic Rock. "I am very grateful for the Classic Rock designation of my musical tastes, because I would hate for that music to be considered as Oldies."

His favorite sport is hockey, and he is a Buffalo Sabres fan.  He also enjoys attending plays, comedy performances, and concerts of various music genres - mainly classic rock artists.


Academic Focus

Warren teaches Statistics, Experimental Psychology, Human Memory, Human Learning, Child Development, and Assessment.

Research, Accomplishments, and Publications

Warren's area of research is in memory.  He has investigated the factors influencing the retention of textual materials, the effectiveness of various study techniques, and the impact of prior knowledge on memory processes. Warren's current interests in memory are related to the believability and accuracy of people's autobiographical memories.