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    Program Contact: Mr. Jeffrey C. Guterman


    Academic Division: Communication and the Arts


    Program Description:

    The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that benefits students throughout their lifetime, both personally and professionally.  Communications professionals work in virtually every industry. Companies, educational institutions and others place a high value on individuals possessing the ability to clearly and effectively articulate their brand and their mission.

    The communications major is a dynamic academic program that provides students with skills useful in settings ranging from simple conversations, to large-scale messages intended for the mass media. Students further increase their marketability by participating in one of the many available academic minors, such as public relations, digital graphic design, writing, or another minor. This program is also highly suitable for students intending to continue their education through graduate study. 

    Degree Requirements

    Total credits required for the major: 36

    Gutterman Jeffrey

    Mr. Jeffrey Guterman

    Division Chair, Director of Broadcast Communications Program, Associate Professor of Broadcast Communications


    104 Blaisdell Hall