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    Program Contact: Dr. Francis M. Mulcahy


    The Forensic Science major will include coursework in Criminal Justice, Biology, and Chemistry.  The Criminal Justice courses will provide students with background in the operation of police agencies and the courts, while the Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics courses provide a basic background in the science of forensic investigation.  Each student is required to choose a concentration in either Biology or Chemistry.  These concentrations provide the in-depth knowledge in these specific areas to ensure that graduates are well prepared to enter the workforce in forensic analysis.

    What you can do with a degree in Forensic Science. Suggested 4-year plan of study.

    Core Courses




    Total Core: 56-58 Credits

    A Concentration in either Biology or Chemistry is required

    Biology Concentration:


    Upper Level Biology Elective - 3 cr.

    Total Biology: 19 Credits

    Chemistry Concentration:




    Upper Level Chemistry Elective

    Total Chemistry: 18 Credits

    Biology Concentration: 9 credits of electives

    Chemistry Concentration: 9 credits of electives

    Mulcahy Francis

    Dr. Francis Mulcahy

    Director of Chemistry Program, Associate Professor of Chemistry


    203E Fisher Hall