College in the High School

In this program, we partner with regional high schools to offer entry-level college courses in the high schools. That means you can earn college credit and become familiar with college-level academics and the university environment while you're still in high school.

College in the High School courses are taught by certified high school teachers who have a master’s degree or the master’s equivalency and have been certified as adjunct faculty members by the university. High school teachers work throughout the year with Pitt-Bradford faculty member liaisons, whether it is course-specific or about student achievement in general.

The high school teachers give grades for the courses, which are based on assignments, quizzes and tests determined by both faculty members, and also by a final exam that is provided by the university. Each year, more than 1000 students participate in the program.

If you choose to enroll at Pitt-Bradford as a freshman, your credits from the College in the High School courses are automatically applied toward your General Education requirements. In addition, if you have qualifying SAT/ACT scores and a qualifying high school GPA, and if you live on campus, you could also receive a Panther Scholarship of $5,000 to $7,000 each year for a total of $20,000 to $28,000.

If you have qualifying SAT/ACT scores and a qualifying high school GPA and are a new commuter student, you can receive $1,000 per year for a total of $4,000.

Schools participating in the CHS program:

  • Austin Area High School
  • Bradford Area High School
  • Brookville Area High School
  • Cameron County High School
  • Clearfield Area High School
  • Coudersport High School
  • Cranberry Area High School
  • Eisenhower High School (Warren)
  • Elk County Catholic High School
  • Forest Area High Schools (East & West)
  • Franklin Area High School
  • Galeton Area High School
  • Johnsonburg Area High School
  • Kane Area High School
  • North Clarion County High School
  • North East High School
  • Northern Potter High School
  • Oil City Area High School
  • Oswayo Valley High School
  • Otto-Eldred High School
  • Port Allegany High School
  • Ridgway Area High School
  • Rocky Grove High School
  • Sheffield High School (Warren)
  • Smethport Area High School
  • St. Marys High School
  • Titusville High School
  • Warren Area High School
  • Youngsville High School (Warren)

Program Resources

For information, please contact your high school principal. For general information about this program, please contact Ms. Jody Randolph, Program Coordinator at or one of the program directors: Dr. James Baldwin at or Dr. Steve Robar at